Tag: machine learning

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning: Multiple Linear Regression in 4 Lines of Code!

Conquer the basics of multiple linear regression (and backward elimination!) and use your data to predict the future!

The complete beginner’s guide to machine learning: simple linear regression in four lines of code!

A clear and comprehensive blueprint for absolutely anyone who wants to learn an important statistical technique and build a simple machine learning model.

The complete beginner’s guide to data cleaning and preprocessing

If your data hasn’t been cleaned and preprocessed, your model does not work.

It’s that simple.

The brilliant beginner’s guide to model deployment

The brilliant beginner’s guide to model deployment: a clear and simple roadmap for getting your machine learning model on the Internet and doing something cool

WFT is image classification?

WTF is image classification?
Conquering convolutional neural networks for the curious and confused.

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